Dell Expert Network FAQ

Q: What is it?

A: The Dell Expert Network is a support and relationship program designed to help IT Consultants with their service to small business clients.   Any IT consultant who joins the program will benefit from advantages including a dedicated account manager, rewards and special offers and training access.  The program requires an IT consultant to recommend Dell products to their clients to purchase directly from Dell via the program.

Q:  Who can join?

A:  Any IT consultant/professional or MSP who is not a registered reseller or not dependent on reselling as their core business.  They must be a resident in Australia or New Zealand and provide a service to small business customers. 

Q:  Why should I join?

A:  It's a free support program that will help you grow and develop business with your customers.  A dedicated account manager will support you as your POC (point of contact) at Dell.  There are many benefits that you will receive for free once your registration is approved.   

Q:  Can my staff become a ‘Dell Expert?’  Or is this program limited to business owners only?

A:  Yes, any IT consultant in your team can join the program;  however they must fit the program requirements.

Q:  How does the rewards program work?

A:  Anytime you recommend Dell to your customers and it becomes a purchase, you will receive points when your Dell Expert ID is linked.   Points can be redeemed for selected Dell products.  You will receive 1 point for every $dollar spent. 

Q:  Can I redeem my points as a discount instead of Dell products?

A:  No.  Points can only be redeemed through the Dell Expert Network program for Dell products. 

Q:  What if my client/customer forgets to provide my 'Dell Expert ID' when they make a purchase?

A: We can only assign points to you for orders placed using your Dell Expert ID.    

Q:  Will my points expire?

A:  Any unused points will expire after 12 months from receiving them.

Q:  Can I get points for my own purchases or only for my customer’s ones?

A:  Anytime when you buy Dell Products through 'The Dell Expert Network' program and assign your Dell Expert ID, you will receive points, including your own purchases.

Q:  If my client contacts Dell directly or is contacted by Dell and makes a purchase, will I get points for the sale?

A:  You will get points only if your client provides your Dell Expert ID.  You can always check with your dedicated account manager.

Q:  Are my points transferrable to another IT consultant, family or friend in the Dell Expert Network program?

A:  No.  Any points accrued by an IT Consultant are personal, non-transferable, and may not be assigned to other program participants or to any third parties (see T&C 7.8 )

Q:  Will I get special pricing when purchasing via the Dell Expert Program?

A:  By having a direct relationship with Dell through the program, special pricing can apply to a purchase.   From time to time there will be exclusive offers for members.  ‘Reselling’ is not advocated with this program.  

Q:  Is there an annual minimum order to keep my membership?

A:  There is no minimum order to maintain your free membership.  However, Dell encourages members to actively engage with the Dell Expert Network program and make referrals regularly to maximize benefits.  Unused points will expire after 12 months.

Q: If my program registration attempt is unsucessful, is there any waiting period to apply again?

A: Yes, there is a 6 months stand down period.  Otherwise contact the Dell Experts Team.

Q:  Can I share training material from Dell Expert Network with other colleagues who are not part of the program?

A:  Yes, you can share the content.  However any certifications belong to individuals and are non-transferrable.  We fully welcome your colleagues to join too if they fit the criteria.  The program is free to join.

Q: What happens if my customer cancels or returns his order?
A: Your dedicated account manager will contact you to inform you.  Any points from this order will be removed.